Welcome to Whiteoak Kennels

White Oak Kennels has a goal of producing your dream bird dog.

In the last two years White Oak Kennels and a few other kennels across the country were able to acquire some of the finest bred English Pointers from Numark Kennels. John Lossing has been breeding and cultivating through a very strict standard of selection the type of bird dog many of us want. I only know a limited amount of what went into the 30 plus years of Johns work at Numark Kennels. I do know he traveled not only the country but the world to put the best blood lines in his kennel.

At White Oak Kennels we hope to continue to produce high standard predominantly Elhew strain English Pointers we all want to hunt behind. Dogs with an abundance of natural ability, the desire to please and that responds well to proper training. The dogs we intend to produce will be athletic and have a lot of eye appeal.

If your dreaming of that perfect bird dog, it all starts with a well bred pup.

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