Welcome to Whiteoak Kennels

White Oak Kennels mission is to consistently produce high quality, physically superior gun dogs.

In 2011 White Oak Kennels purchased some of the finest bred Elhew Pointers from Numark Kennels. John Lossing has been breeding and developing through a strict standard of selection the kind of bird dog we all want. I only know a limited amount of what went into the 30 plus years of John's work at Numark Kenneks. I do know he traveled not only the country but the world to put the best blood lines in his kennel.

At White Oak Kennels we have been able to produce some very fine gun dogs. Our greatest honor is the testimony of bird hunters that have purchased a pup, started dog, or finished dog. We will continue to make available quality pups from dogs that have proven themselves in the field. Each September a string of young dogs go to the prairies of Montana to be developed. We have had a great amount of success starting a group of young dogs, and making them available to hunters.

All dogs can be seen on the ground here to properly display their ability. Make arrangements to see the type of dogs we have at White Oak Kennels.

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